Custom Cell Phone Card Wallet
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Creating a custom silicone cell phone card wallet with a 3M sticker involves combining the benefits of a durable silicone material with the reliable adhesive properties of 3M. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you might go about this:

Design and Material Selection:
Work on the design of the silicone card wallet, considering the dimensions, color, and any additional features you want to include.
Choose a high-quality silicone material that is flexible, durable, and available in the desired color.

Adhesive Selection:

Select a 3M adhesive sticker that is suitable for silicone and provides strong adhesion. 3M offers a variety of adhesive options, so choose one that meets your requirements for strength and residue-free removal.


Incorporate any desired customizations such as your logo, brand name, or a unique design on the silicone surface. This can be achieved through methods like embossing, debossing, or printing.

Integration of 3M Sticker:

Ensure that the 3M adhesive sticker is precisely cut to fit the back of the silicone card wallet. This sticker will be the attachment mechanism to adhere the wallet to the phone or phone case.

Gather feedback from users and make any necessary improvements based on their experiences. This iterative process can help refine your product for future iterations.
Working with reputable manufacturers or suppliers who specialize in custom silicone products and adhesive solutions, such as 3M, can ensure a high-quality end product. Be sure to communicate your specific requirements and expectations clearly throughout the manufacturing process.

Custom Cell Phone Card Wallet

Custom Cell Phone Card Wallet

Advertising 3M Silicone Smart Wallet Cell Phone Card Holders



Quantity 1 - 9 10 - 19 20 - 49 50 - 99 100 - 499 500 - 999 1000 - 4999 5000 - 99999
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